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  • 14 Jun, 10:49
    ICS eLearning Admin
    JReview Advanced Topics Refresher now Available more...
  • 16 Apr, 16:03
    ICS eLearning Admin
    ICS launches new eLearning Site for JReview more...

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This eLearning site contains Flash based content. You will need to use version 9 or above to view it. To upgrade or install the Flash Player, click to open the Adobe website (Note: You do not need to install the "Free Google Toolbar" or "Free McAfee Security Scan plus" or other optional items, so you should probably uncheck them).

The course lessons within this site are best viewed using a monitor resolution of 1280x800 or greater. Make sure your browser window is maximized. If you still have scrollbars or can't see all of the training content, you can try toggling to Fullscreen mode (In Internet Explorer, try hitting F11). For lower resolution monitors, you may also need to hide the Windows Taskbar on the bottom of your screen by right-clicking on it and selecting Properties, then un-check "Keep the taskbar on top of other windows" and click OK. Alternately and depending on your browser and version, you may also be able to lower the Zoom level to see all the content, although it will not be as sharp.

To jump to a particular topic within a lesson, use the Table of Contents on the left (if not visible, click the TOC button on the top right playback control bar).

If you don't have speakers, you can use the Closed Captioning text by clicking CC on the playback control bar.

If you are having any other issues or problems using this site, please contact Support.

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