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ICS launches new eLearning Site for JReview
by ICS eLearning Admin - Friday, 16 April 2010, 04:03 PM

Integrated Clinical Systems, Inc. launches new eLearning Site for JReview®.

Frenchtown, NJ - April 16, 2010

Integrated Clinical Systems, Inc. (ICS) has launched our new eLearning Site for JReview® today. To check out a free training example, please visit http://elearning.i-review.com. This site can now be utilized by ICS’s customers who purchase subscriptions to various online training courses for their users. This will enable these customers to more efficiently leverage their JReview software investment. Course access will give users the opportunity to gain the insight they need to better use JReview, thus increasing productivity. Our eLearning Site contains Web Based Training (WBT) courses and lessons designed to assist users in learning and using JReview to its fullest potential.

We went live today with our first JReview course offering, the Core Concepts Refresher. It contains lessons that review the same topics a user would have originally learned in one of our full Core Concepts Training classes, which would have either been held at our corporate headquarters in Frenchtown, NJ, at the customer’s site, or over the internet via a live online meeting. The new refresher lessons will help these users remember how to use a specific feature or browser area within the software.

Eric S. Herbel, President of ICS said, “Our customers have been wanting an updated way to provide computer based, on-demand training for their users. So we decided to go with a web based training format so we could develop and dynamically update site content as new features are added or changes made to our products. This eLearning Site with all new content is the culmination of that effort.”

Our next course offering, in development for release in May, is an Advanced Topics Refresher. We will also be adding other refreshers over time, as well as creating a full online training course designed to teach the product from the ground up. This full course will be complete with exercises, access to our training database, and quizzes.

We will have various subscription plans available with discounts based on the number of user licenses that are purchased. Please contact your Professional Services Account Representative, or e-mail us at services@i-review.com , to discuss your specific goals so we can tailor the right combination of eLearning courses and user licenses to fit your company’s needs.

About JReview®

JReview® is the fastest, easiest way to review, graph, report, and analyze your clinical data. It is a web-enabled software application written specifically for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies doing clinical research. It provides many vital tools needed to perform clinical data review, ad hoc reporting, data visualization, analysis, and risk assessment of clinical studies data. By interacting with various patient subsets and using any combination of browser modules or dashboards within the product, users can easily review and/or monitor their clinical trials for safety, efficacy, etc.

About Integrated Clinical Systems, Inc.

Integrated Clinical Systems, Inc. (ICS) http://www.i-review.com , headquartered in Frenchtown, NJ, is an industry-leading developer of software applications for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies worldwide. Their original software application, Integrated Review™, provides ongoing, real-time review of clinical data and an easy-to-use, intuitive means of profiling patients, reporting, graphing, ad-hoc data mining and signal detection for clinical data stored in third-party or in-house data management software systems or data warehouses. This functionality has been ported to a web-enabled software application, JReview®, and has been expanded even more with new features. These products have been developed by professionals from the pharmaceutical industry, and they continue to be refined and enhanced by customer and FDA feedback. It is this specialization and industry focus that provides their clients with the reporting and analysis capabilities that allow them to bring products to the market safely, efficiently, speedily and cost effectively.

Integrated Review™ is trademarked and JReview® is a registered trademark of Integrated Clinical Systems, Inc. Copyright © 2010. All rights reserved.

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Integrated Clinical Systems, Inc.
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